15 Must-Have Baby Shower Gift Ideas

The baby shower is a special celebration for the mom-to-be, prepared for her by the female part of family members and friends and baby shower gifts are an intricate part. This event celebrates the happy moment when we all eagerly await the newborn's arrival and celebrate it with the mother beforehand. The get-together, in addition to all the goodies on the table, can also include gifts and some games related to the expected child. 

For many participants, it is certainly a challenging task to buy a gift for expecting parents. Especially in today's times, when we have a thousand and one things at our disposal. Here is a guide that will ease your dilemma, ensuring that you choose the right baby shower gift that will be useful, thoughtful, and unique.

Baby Shower Cookies in a shape of birds and flask.

How to choose the perfect baby shower gift?

Some parents-to-be prepare a wish list or registry with the items they still need for their newborn. While others can be more open to any kind of gift.

Before buying a gift, we suggest that you check with other family members or friends to avoid purchasing something that someone has already bought from the list. 

Of course, the registry is not a condition for buying a gift. On the other hand, personalized and unique baby shower gifts are also unforgettable and hold a cherished memory for a lifetime. 

It's a good idea to just look at the list beforehand as inspiration for creating your gift.

Here are some more tips to consider when buying a baby shower gift:

  • Think about the time of year in which the newborn will be born and choose a gift accordingly. This is especially important for clothing, as it would certainly not make sense to give a winter child summer clothing. Unless you opt for a larger size that will be suitable for the summer season.
  • Consider the gender of the child, if the parents-to-be already know it, and adapt the choice of colors and the design of the gift accordingly. Otherwise, if they are in for a surprise, go for neutral colors, toys, decor, clothes,...
  • Plan ahead if you decide to give a handmade product that takes time.
  • Attach the invoice as a duplicate gift may occur. This will ensure an easy replacement.
  • Consider giving a joint baby shower gift along with other friends or family members. We understand that gifts for a new baby can be expensive, so pooling resources to buy together is a great idea.

How much should you spend on a baby shower gift?

There is no rule about how much you should spend on a baby shower gift. Everyone spends according to the best of their ability, which fits your budget and how well you know the family-to-be. They should appreciate even the smallest attention, which surely came to them truly from your heart. In fact, baby shower gifts can range from symbolic gestures to extravagant presents, especially when families pool resources to buy a special gift.

What are the most popular baby shower gifts?

Parents-to-be are of course happy with any gift, especially those that save them time or spoil them. As well as practical products that are used when the baby arrives and may still be missing from their registry. 

Unique baby gifts that include personally handcrafted items or thoughtful keepsakes are also great ideas.

Here are some worry-free baby shower gift ideas with which you'll never miss out on:

  1. Cloth diapers are an immensely practical gift, and one can truly never have enough for a newborn. Due to their lightness and open binding, they allow the baby's body to regulate its own temperature and prevent it from overheating. They are gentle on their skin and extremely durable for everyday use.
  2. A diaper bag is a necessity every parent will appreciate, ensuring they are always prepared for diaper-changing emergencies on the go. When selecting a diaper bag as a gift, focus on its capacity, organization, and style, with multiple compartments and pockets to keep baby essentials neatly stored and easily accessible. Practical features like a changing pad and insulated pockets enhance convenience, while adjustable straps offer versatile carrying options.
  3. Milestone cards have become a must-have today. They are simply indispensable these days, as they can be used to create the most important turning points in a baby's life in the cutest way. You have at your disposal a huge variety of motifs and materials for these cards, suitable for different purposes. But gifts like this will certainly please every mom-to-be.

Baby Cards with stroller and heart-shaped Blue cookie.

  1. Baby clothing is not only a thoughtful gesture but also a practical necessity for growing infants. With a vast selection available, you can gift cute, comfortable, and high-quality items like overalls, pajamas, caps, socks, and bodysuits. However, pay attention to their quality; as a baby's skin is sensitive, it's best to choose clothes made from natural materials like cotton.


Three Baby Rompers.

  1. Natural organic cosmetics are ideal for infant skin. The best is one that has been dermatologically tested to ensure their safety. Products that contain at least 99% natural ingredients that strengthen and soothe sensitive skin are especially suitable for babies with sensitive skin.
  2. Baby Blankets, tailored for a newborn's delicate skin, emerges as a top choice for baby shower gifts. Especially those made of cotton, which really pamper the newborn with their softness and comfort. You can add the finishing touch with a personalized blanket, which will also remain a nice souvenir in the future.

Pink baby blanket with monogrammed name Olivia and blue baby blanket.

  1. Soft cuddly toys are a classic present for baby showers. For many newborns, this very toy can become the ally without which they cannot last a minute.
  2. Baby mobiles play a crucial role in early child development by introducing infants to patterns, movement, and colors. Choose a design with soft toys or cute characters that dangle above the crib, featuring soothing colors and gentle movements to stimulate the baby's senses and promote relaxation. 
  3. Nursing pillow is a practical and essential maternity gift that offers comfort and support to both the mother and the baby during breastfeeding. With its ergonomic design and soft cushioning, it provides proper positioning for the baby, reducing strain on the mother's back and arms. This thoughtful gift enhances the bonding experience between mother and baby while ensuring a relaxing and enjoyable feeding time for both.
  4. A baby monitor offers modern parents peace of mind and security by keeping them connected to their little one. This thoughtful gift empowers parents to multitask with confidence while staying connected to their little one, making it an essential tool for modern parenting.
  5. Baby bath tub is a practical and essential baby shower gift that provides an enjoyable bathing experience for the little one. Whether it's the first bath or many more to come, this thoughtful gift will continue to be a treasured part of the baby's early days and the joyous journey of parenthood.
  6. A high chair is a versatile and indispensable baby shower gift that grows with the baby. Offering a safe and elevated seating position, it allows the little one to join the family at the dining table. 
  7. Colorful books that are suitable for babies and toddlers. Little ones love to turn pages, so cardboards are an excellent choice for their first books. For books of fairy tales, poems or simple picture books, you can also write a personal dedication on the first page and thus create a lasting memory.
  8. Family photography sessions make a timeless and cherished baby shower gift that new parents will treasure. It's a gift that will last a lifetime with precious photos of the newborn and newly formed family. At the same time, photographing just a newborn in its first days after birth is also a wonderful baby shower gift.
  9. Gift cards from baby shops or drugstores certainly always come in handy for parents.

Consider contributing to a common gift, especially if it involves the purchase of a more expensive item (baby food maker, play mats, breast pumps, items for the baby's room, car seat, etc.). This method is also becoming more and more popular, as we help parents save on more expensive purchases.

In the end, selecting the perfect baby shower gift is not just about buying an item but about expressing love, care, and excitement for the upcoming arrival of the little one. Whether you opt for something practical, sentimental, or a combination of both, your thoughtfulness will surely be appreciated. As celebrations draw near and the anticipation grows, remember that the most cherished gifts are those given from the heart. No matter your choice, the baby shower gift you choose will play a part in the beautiful journey of welcoming a new life into the world.