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Kid's pajamas made from softest, safest fabrics for the little ones in your life. S+N Pajamas are made from hand-sourced Pima Cotton that adjusts to your child's temperature, keeping them dry, comfortable and smiling.

Another fun fact about our kid's pajamas, they get softer with every wash and last 3x as long as other pajamas. Like their softness and hypoallergenic qualities, this is also another natural benefit of high quality Pima Cotton.

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With so many choices out there, let's talk about the coolest one: Pima Cotton! S+N Pajamas are carefully crafted from hand-sourced Peruvian Pima Cotton, and here's why it’s the best: it keeps your little one comfy and smiling by regulating their temperature, ensuring they stay dry and cozy all night long. Plus, these adorable PJs become even softer with each wash and last three times longer than other pajamas - how amazing is that? But wait, there's more! They're also hypoallergenic and all-natural, perfect for those with sensitive skin and allergies. So, get ready for some snuggly nights ahead!

Let's talk about how to keep those Pima pajamas fresh and cozy! Well, it's like a little dance - usually every 2-5 wears. But hey, it all depends on how much they move and groove, and if they're little night-time sweat machines. For the babes and toddlers you might find yourself doing laundry a little more often, especially with all those spills and mishaps.

Let's find the perfect fit for your little sleepyhead's PJs! It's all about snuggly comfort, right? Just take a peek at our PJ sizing chart ( for the inside scoop. Oh, and heads up: our jammies are super snug and tend to run small, so don't forget to go up a size when ordering. Just add your kiddo's size plus two, and voila - you've got the right size to order! Easy peasy, right?

Children's pajamas should fit snugly for their safety, but why, do you ask? Well, back in the day, fabrics like rayon made pajamas prone to catching fire easily. To address this, laws were put in place requiring sleepwear for kids over 9 months to either be flame resistant or snug-fitting. The snug fit reduces the air between the fabric and skin, making it less flammable. So, no need for flame retardants in tight-fitting PJs! Hooray for chemical free!
Now, let's talk about the cozy factor. Pajamas that cuddle close are comfy and safe, especially for kiddos who love to move around. Loose-fitting garments might seem comfy, but they can be risky around fire. So, our snug PJs are here to keep your little ones comfy and safe during bedtime adventures!

Good news - our snug PJs are made from soft, snuggly, all-natural Pima Cotton that's extremely gentle on even the most delicate skin. Say goodbye to scratchy polyester (and those yucky flame-retardant chemicals)! Plus, Pima Cotton comes with a bunch of natural benefits. It's like a superhero for sensitive skin, helping kiddos with sensory sensitivities and allergy issues (but remember, always chat with your doctor for medical advice).
And guess what? We've banished those itchy fabric tags too – our brand and care info are printed right on the PJs, so no more tag troubles! Say hello to cozy comfort and goodbye to itchiness with our oh-so-cute Pima Cotton PJS.

You betcha! S+N is all about bringing the fun to bedtime with our matching pajamas for kids. Whether your little ones are twinning with their siblings, cousins or friends, we've got you covered. With pajama sizes ranging from 18 months to 10 years, there's something for every kiddo in the fam! And hey, if there's a cute baby sibling in the mix, we've got rompers and take-me-home sets that match our PJ prints perfectly. Say cheese, because these matching moments are too adorable to miss.