Best Pajama Day Ideas

As National Pajama Day approaches, numerous elementary schools celebrate this occasion within their halls and classrooms. Why confine pajama day to school, when we can spread the fun to your family? Sure, snuggling in bed with your kids for an extra hour is the absolute best, but let's get out of bed and make this day even more amazing. Let's explore our Pajama Day ideas and pick your favorites!

Tips for Planning a Successful Pajama Day

To make Pajama Day happen, follow these tips:

  • Start planning in advance. Some ideas may require some extra help and items, which you may not have at home, so do yourself a favor and prepare in advance.
  • Consider the interests of your family or friends. Take into account the preferences of your family or friends, choose activities that everyone will enjoy.
  • Be flexible. Things don't always go according to plan, so be prepared to adjust your plans.
  • Discover comfortable kids pajamas and baby pajamas. Sammy + Nat Pima Pajamas are so soft that your kiddos will want to wear them all night… and all day long.

And now, let's dive into Pajama Day Ideas!

Bake at Home in Pajamas

Instead of rushing through your morning routine, this time, organize an “at home bakery” in some cozy PJs. Select simple recipes that even your kids can easily master. There's a world of tasteful possibilities to explore. 

For this occasion we recommend you baking:

Siblings baking together in star-patterned pajamas.

Facial Masks

Children love to play pretend as adults, so why not prepare face masks that will entertain your kids. You can make a mask from:

  • 1 tablespoon of oatmeal
  • 1 tablespoon of milk
  • 2 tablespoons of yogurt. 

Blend all the ingredients in a food processor, and the mask is ready to be applied to the skin. As a finishing touch, add slices of cucumber to cover their eyes. And now, see how long your kids can stay still. The mask is suitable for parents as well, as the ingredients will hydrate and rejuvenate your skin, giving it a natural glow. We promise they will love it! 

Two young girls playing with plush toys in bed.

Pillow Basketball

Pillows make the perfect accessory for Pajama Day! Instead of playing regular basketball outside, let's switch things up with pillow basketball. Choose a spacious bowl, such as a laundry basket, as a hoop and smaller pillows as basketballs. Get ready for a guaranteed laughter!

Cleaning the House

Turn a typically less appealing task into an exciting challenge your kids might not be initially thrilled about - the room cleaning game in pajamas. However, with a lineup of other enjoyable Pajama Day ideas, this chore can turn into a fun undertaking. 

Consider turning it into a competition ‘Who Can Tidy up Their Room the Fastest’. Alternatively, hide prizes strategically behind furniture or clothes that must be reorganized to make this game rewarding. 

Book Club

Another comfortable Pajama Day idea is to set up an” at-home book club”. Think about your child’s interests and reading levels and then create a selection of suitable books borrowed from the library.

Child reading a red book.

You can also gather the kids in a circle, sitting on pillows, and read a story for them out loud. Make it  interactive, have everyone read a page  and encourage them to share their thoughts about the books, characters  and narratives.

Cardboard House

Engage in a creative and interactive project by crafting a cardboard house for kids. Parents can assist in planning and cutting the cardboard, while children unleash their creativity by coloring their creation. From windows to doors and fences, the possibilities are limitless!=

Beads Creating

Here's an engaging Pajama Day activity for the imaginative kids at home. Girls can have fun with sparkling beads, while boys might prefer lettered beads. This creative project encourages children to express themselves while also honing their patience skills.


Hands crafting with colorful beads and buttons.


For an even comfortable and cozy atmosphere, consider creating or borrowing a projector and screen. Additionally, preparing snacks like warm cocoa or popcorn.

If the weather permits, take your movie night outdoors, transforming your backyard into a cinematic haven under the stars.

Photo Shoot

While we don't want our kids glued to their phones, this photography activity allows them to explore their creativity. Include portrait photography in pajamas so you will also have the memories to remember. 

You can also consider investing in an analogue camera or opt for a digital camera. Just ensure your watchful presence during the photo shoot. After all, you wouldn't want technical hiccups to ruin those precious moments.

TikTok Video

If you and your family enjoy expressing creativity through videos and video editing, consider creating a TikTok video. Choose a trending TikTok challenge, whether it's dance choreography, something humorous, or host a mini fashion show with the Pajama Day twist. Ensure your kids are wearing stylish pajamas and film that special day in a short video!

Happy children posing in colorful pajama prints.


Now that you've picked your favorite Pajama Day ideas, let the planning begin! Keep in mind that the choice of kids' pajamas or baby pajamas plays a crucial role on this playful and creative day. Sammy + Nat understand the importance of quality clothes and its materials for children. Our Pima Cotton pajamas adjust to your child's temperature, keeping them dry, comfortable and smiling, which is the ideal for this extraordinary day. 

Wish you a happy Pajama Day!