Newborn Clothing Essentials You Actually Need

Joyfully expecting, but slightly overwhelmed with newborn clothing essentials and how many your baby will actually need? In this post, we’ll help you with your go-to list for essential newborn items.

Newborn essentials

Let's put together a wardrobe for your new baby!

Before you start shopping for your new baby's must-have clothes, there are some basic things to consider:

  1. Your Laundry Routine:
    The frequency at which you do laundry plays a significant role in determining the number of baby clothes you will need. If you plan to do laundry once a week, you will require a larger quantity of clothes than if you can keep up with daily laundry. Assess your laundry routine and plan accordingly.
  2. Start with the 0-3 Month Size Range:
    When it comes to sizing, it can be challenging to predict your baby's exact size at birth and how quickly they will grow. To begin, focus on clothing in the 0-3 month size range. This range is a good starting point, and you can gradually add more sizes as your baby grows. Remember to include a variety of sizes on your registry to avoid being limited to only one size when receiving gifts.
  3. Stay Organized by Size:
    To streamline your baby's wardrobe, organize their clothes by size. This simple method allows you to easily identify what fits them now and what you have available for the upcoming months. By keeping the clothes sorted, you can efficiently manage their wardrobe and avoid any unnecessary confusion.
  4. Avoid Putting Clothes in Storage Bins:
    While it may be tempting to store clothes that your baby hasn’t grown into yet, it's important to remember that they grow quickly. Instead of storing clothes in bins, ensure that all clothing items remain easily accessible. Keeping them within reach and in eyesight allows you to quickly identify when it's time to transition to the next size, as babies tend to outgrow their clothes within a relatively short period.

When preparing for the arrival of a newborn, it's important to have a few essential clothing items on hand. Here is a list of newborn clothing essentials:

  1. Onesies: These are one-piece garments that snap or button at the crotch, providing easy access for diaper changes. Aim to have around 6-8 onesies in newborn size.
    Baby in onesie
  2. Sleepsuits or Sleepers: Sleepsuits, also known as sleepers or footed pajamas, are cozy one-piece outfits designed for sleeping. They often have enclosed feet to keep the baby warm. Have around 6-10 sleepsuits in newborn size. Let’s face it, they sleep a lot!
  3. Bodysuits + Rompers: These are similar to onesies but have short or long sleeves and can be worn alone or as a layering piece. They typically open up down the front with a zipper or button closure. It's recommended to have around 6-8 bodysuits in newborn size.
  4. Hats: Newborns lose heat through their heads, so having a few soft, lightweight hats is essential, especially in cooler weather or air-conditioned environments.
  5. Socks or Booties: Keep your baby's feet warm with a few pairs of soft socks or booties. Opt for ones that have elastic or cuffs to ensure they stay on.
  6. Mittens: These aren’t your typical outdoor mittens. These are small, soft fabric coverings that fit over their hands like a sock. Newborns often have sharp fingernails that can accidentally scratch their face and eyes. Mittens help prevent this, so having a few pairs on hand is useful. All of our Pima Cotton Take-Me-Home Sets and Footie Rompers in NB and 3 Month size have this built in to the sleeve.
  7. Swaddling Blankets: Swaddling blankets are versatile and can be used for swaddling, burping, covering, or as a light blanket. Aim to have 4-6 swaddling blankets as multiple will be used daily.
  8. Cool Weather Items: It’s important to have a cover-all of some sort if your baby is going to be exposed to cold temperatures. In addition to clothing; baby’s head, hands and feet must be covered. Adding a blanket or two for extra warmth is recommended.
  9. Burp Cloths: Burp cloths are essential for cleaning up spit-up or spills. Have several on hand, as newborns tend to spit up frequently.
  10. Diapers and Wipes: While not strictly clothing, diapers and wipes are vital for keeping your baby clean and dry. Make sure to have an ample supply.

Remember, newborns grow quickly, so it's advisable to have a mix of sizes, including a few clothing items in 0-3 months size, as some babies may outgrow newborn sizes sooner than expected. Having these essential clothing items ready will ensure your newborn stays comfortable, cozy, and well-dressed from the start.

Baby in onesie that fell over in a cute way

And there you have it, the comprehensive list of essential newborn clothing items you truly need! Stay organized, accurately assess your laundry load, and arrange outfits by size to effortlessly create a wardrobe that ensures style and comfort while maintaining a clutter-free closet. From bodysuits to sleepwear, headwear, socks, mittens, and few non-clothing essentials, you now possess a complete shopping guide for your newborn baby. Embrace this special time, enjoy the journey, and happy shopping!