The Best Pajama Fabric

Did you know that the average person spends a whopping 26 years of their life catching Z's? That's almost a third of your life dedicated to snoozing! And get this: you spend about 7 years just trying to drift off into dreamland. So, when it comes to picking the perfect sleepwear, it's kind of a big deal. After all, who doesn't want to snooze in style and comfort? From cozy pajamas to snuggly onesies, ensuring a good night's sleep is essential for both you and your little ones. Here's to peaceful nights and sweet dreams ahead! 

Sleep Essentials

For the ultimate sleep experience, let's delve into some key factors to consider. We'll explore the environment and, of course, your pajamas themselves. As we delve deeper into the details, you'll discover the importance of selecting the perfect fabric for a restful night's sleep.

Body Temperature Regulation During Sleep

 Maintaining the right body temperature is key to a cozy night's sleep. Choosing the perfect pajamas ensures your body stays consistently comfy. Studies reveal that our body temperature and internal clocks play a big role in our sleep  patterns. Any hiccups in these rhythms can lead to all sorts of sleep troubles!

Hypoallergenic  We need to be careful with “medical” advice

Our Pima Cotton is perfect for even the most sensitive skin. With all-natural fabrics, you can say farewell to those scratchy polyester nightmares and icky flame-retardant chemicals. Plus, Pima Cotton is like a superhero for sensitive skin, helping kiddos with sensory sensitivities and allergies feel extra comfy. It's a win-win for happy, snuggly bedtime adventures!

All-Natural Benefits

Opt for natural fabrics like Pima Cotton for a cozy and comfortable sleep experience. Pima Cotton boasts exceptional moisture absorption, breathability, and microbial resistance, making it ideal for nightwear. Its durability ensures longevity even with frequent washing, while its softness and hypoallergenic properties make it a favorite among consumers. Renowned for its eco-friendliness and luxurious texture, Pima Cotton is handpicked to maintain fiber integrity, minimizing waste and environmental impact in its production.

Spring + Summer Pajama Fabrics

Pima Cotton

A woman in a floral pima cotton nightdress is smiling

Nothing feels quite as welcoming on those lovely warm nights as Pima Cotton pajamas. This hypoallergenic fabric breathes and feels good against the skin, yet stays cool on the touch. It's a favorite for everyone, from babies up through adults. At Sammy + Nat you can also find women's pajamas, ideal for warm nights! This fantastic fabric gets softer with every wash. You can wash it in the washing machine, but be careful you don't exceed 30°C.


Silk is a natural, luxurious fabric for sleepwear and practical for use in warmer months. It is hypoallergenic as well and, by nature, resistant to dust mites, similar to Pima Cotton. Its smooth touch is perfect for sensitive skin and its natural thermal properties help regulate body temperature. Silk, though, does not absorb moisture and hence it might not be an ideal fabric for people who sweat at night. It will also need extra care as it is usually recommended that silk is hand-washed delicately. 


Bamboo is suitable for most people who are prone to sweating a lot. Bamboo fabrics have natural anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic characteristics. It is very soft and comfortable, especially for hot summer nights. But be aware of the special care because the softness and durability can require a lot of attention. It can be cold-washed, though without softener. 

Fall + Winter Pajama Fabrics

Pima Cotton

Two girls playing in their pima cotton pajamas

Pima Cotton pajamas come in varying weights and styles, making them versatile for all seasons. You can choose a heavy weight that's kept up to wear during winter or a medium weight that's kept for wearing when the temperatures fall. The close weave adds an extra warmth feature hence making pajamas ideal for the cooler months. Discover our selection of kid's pajamas or baby pajamas made of Pima Cotton!


Flannel is a favorite winter fabric for many. It is commonly used for winter wear, warm bed sheets, and even warm pajamas. It can be made of cotton, wool, or even synthetic. This unique texture has small little pockets to trap heat, which makes it super warm. But be warned, eventually, it may create little balls of fabric or so-called 'pills'. 

Merino Wool

What distinguishes Merino from other materials is its warm-keeping ability. The air gets trapped by the fibers, getting warm and creating a layer that does not let the cold in. But there is one thing to remember: just like other things made of wool, Merino can become a home for moths if stored wrongly. Moreover, some people may consider it a bit itchy due to their sensitivities or allergies.

Wrapping it up in …

The material of our pajamas has a great effect on our comfort and our sleep quality. The softness of the cotton ones and the luxury of the silk pajamas have specific advantages. For the conclusion, we have prepared an overview of all the materials. This will help you choose the right fabric for you. 

Table highlighting the features of different materials used for pajamas

Choose the pajamas that match your style and make you feel good. At Sammy + Nat, you can discover kid's pajamas, baby pajamas and women's pajamas made of Pima Cotton. They were created to keep you cozy during colder months and comfortably cool on warmer nights. Why not look and feel at your best in your bedtime? After all, spending so much time in bed ensuring we get wrapped in the best is a step towards better rest.