Best Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

The holiday season is the perfect time for one of life's most wonderful announcements – a pregnancy. Announcing a baby's arrival during Christmas (if you celebrate) brings extra excitement and joy, as it is such a special time spent with our loved ones, especially if you do it face-to-face. There are many unforgettable ways to announce your pregnancy this winter holiday, we have some ideas to share! 

Funny and Cute Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Here are our favorite ideas for Pregnancy announcements. To make it extra memorable, add a dash of humor, or make it even cuter with special little details.

Christmas Gifts Unwrapping Pregnancy Announcement

Unwrapping holiday gifts is a special time all on its own; the room is just bursting with excitement as carefully wrapped and chosen gifts get revealed. Make this the most memorable Christmas yet, by giving your parents, siblings, or best friends a special hint. Gift them a personalized baby blanket or a baby rattle, to tell them the exciting news and even add an ultrasound pic as a lovely keepsake. Making your pregnancy announcement a central, unforgettable part of your Christmas celebration is a beautiful way to include your loved ones in your pregnancy story.

Christmas Card Pregnancy Announcement

Hand-made or personalized Christmas cards are one of the classic ways to announce your pregnancy. You have many options on how to customize your Christmas card to announce your big secret. You can use phrases like, "Our little present is expected to arrive on (date)” with a family photo. For those searching for inspiration for the perfect quote, continue reading, as we’ll also touch on that later in this blog. If you have a big sibling that can’t wait for the arrival of their little sibling, include them in the process of card making and make this your together DIY project. This will make your child feel included in the process and make this experience of sharing the news feel even more special.

Christmas Pregnancy Announcement for Husband

Planning to surprise your partner with pregnancy news at Christmas? If you’re finding out about your pregnancy just before the holiday season, this is the perfect time for a heart-warming surprise. A cute and memorable way to break the news to your partner is to give them a personalized item celebrating their upcoming journey into fatherhood. Our favorite ideas are an ultrasound pic, a onesie, or if you want to add a touch of humor, present him with a series of cards, each containing a Dad Joke. Just imagine him, when he realizes why you chose that as a gift! They're not just jokes, but a fun and loving way to reveal the amazing journey you're about to embark on together.

Christmas Tree Pregnancy Announcement

You can also surprise your family or friends with a Christmas Tree ornament! Imagine the surprise on their faces as they notice an additional, tiny stocking or a baby-themed ornament on your Christmas tree. This subtle reveal is sure to create a memorable moment. Besides that, you can keep the ornament for years to come, and remember this moment every Christmas in the future. What a special and lovely tradition.

Digital Christmas Pregnancy Announcement

Digital pregnancy announcements are a simple, yet easy and cute way to let your extended friends and family know about your big surprise. You can always let your closest ones know first, and share a post later on. That way you can always look back on this special memory in seconds. 

Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Captions and Quotes

Pair a funny Christmas quote with a playful image. Heartfelt or humorous, with these words you will let everyone know the big news. To inspire you, here are some examples that you can use:

  • We're expecting a little elf to join our workshop by (due date)!
  • The best gifts don't always come under the tree. Our little present is due on (due date).
  • All I want for Christmas is you... and our little one on the way!
  • This holiday season, we're adding a little more love to our family.
  • Santa's not the only one coming to town – Baby (last name) expected on (due date)!
  • This year, we're skipping the silent nights. Baby (last name) arriving on (due date).
  • Forget the mistletoe, we've been under the covers! Expecting our little present on (due date).
  • Santa is bringing us something that cannot be wrapped. Our bundle of joy arrives on (due date)]!
  • Our family is growing by two feet this Christmas!
  • This Christmas, we're trading in silent nights for baby cries. Coming on (due date)!
  • Guess who's been on the 'Nice' list? Our little one, arriving on (due date)!
  • Warning: This Christmas, I'm eating for two. Oh, and also, we're expecting!
  • This Christmas, we're unwrapping the best gift ever: a baby!
  • Our Christmas tree isn't the only thing getting a little extra decoration this year. Baby (last name) arriving on (due date)!

Sibling Christmas Pregnancy Announcement

Newborn and his sibling wearing kids christmas pajamas.

Announcing a new addition to the family can be even more special when you involve your existing child. Imagine your older child's excitement! Give them a monogrammed baby romper and snap a photo as they hold it. Or try out a pair of pajamas with a “Big brother” or a “big sister” text on it! This method is unique and helps the new sibling feel included and enthusiastic about their new role in the family.

Christmas Pregnancy Announcement with a Dog

Yes, pets are part of the family too! Including your furry friend in the announcement photo shoot - perhaps with stuffed animal toys, playfully hinting at your pregnancy. This cute setup shows the excitement and happiness of your dog as it looks forward to the new family member.

Wrapping up

The holiday season, filled with happiness, is an ideal time to share the exciting news of your pregnancy. The happiness on your family's faces when they receive a Christmas card or special gift with surprising news will be priceless. Each method has its own special way of creating lasting memories that will make this Christmas the one you’ll remember forever.

P. S. As you get ready for your baby's arrival, enjoy picking out their name. Use our baby name generator to find the perfect one. Wishing you a joyful Christmas and congratulations on your soon-to-arrive baby!