Crafting Perfect Baby Shower Invitations

Welcoming a new baby into the household is a happy occasion filled with love and enthusiasm. You can celebrate these moments alone with your partner, or by throwing a baby shower to share your anticipation with all your loved ones. One of the first steps of throwing your baby a welcome party is sending out baby shower Invitations. These little pieces of paper (or digital files) hold more than just event details - they should also bring warmth, excitement and inform your guests of your party theme.

In this step-by-step guide we will show you how to make your own baby shower invitations, whether you’re the DIY type, or prefer digital design templates - we have some ideas for you. You will gather the essential elements and add your final touches, and end up with the perfect personal, warm, baby shower invitation.

Baby shower invitation in baby pink and baby blue color.

The Theme

When you’ve decided throwing a baby bash is something you and your partner both want, you can start discussing a theme, which will end up being the first step for designing your invitation. The invitation should set the tone and offer your guests a glimpse into the atmosphere they can expect. If you’re not sure what you want your theme to be, you can always turn to the world's biggest inspiration source - the internet. Sign into Pinterest, Instagram and other social platforms and search keywords of things or themes you like. Additionally, asking friends for their suggestions can spark your creativity and can help you get that perfect idea, you can later translate to your baby shower invitations.

A big part of the theme for invitations and the baby shower itself is the color scheme. Specific colors are known to evoke emotions. Delicate pastels often symbolize the arrival of a new baby, but modern trends are currently embracing bolder and more unconventional color choices as well. When choosing a color scheme for your baby shower invitations consider matching the season, the ambiance or the gender of your baby.

Tip 1: Are you not a DIY type?

You can also opt-in for pre-made baby shower invitation templates available on Canva. Pre-made templates are more convenient than custom-designed ones, especially if you lack design expertise or time. 

Get your Supplies

Once you’re set on a baby shower theme you love, head out to your local craft store or favorite online stationery shop and find everything you’ll need to craft your invitations. When starting out you will probably want to craft a few different invitations to see what you prefer. Here’s our shopping list you can use:

  • Cardstock or invitation paper: Get sturdy paper that will be able to hold any decorative elements you choose to add. Also look into different textures and finishes.
  • Envelopes: Your envelope should fit your invitation format, so make sure you get the right size. To add more anticipation to your baby bash invitations choose a colorful or patterned envelope to enhance the overall presentation.
  • Decorative Materials: An assortment of different decorative materials will make your baby shower invitations look unique and memorable. When shopping for supplies, also think about adding buttons, bows, ribbons, stickers and fabric. 
  • Art Supplies: Don’t forget to shop for essentials, such as markers, pens, glue and stamps.

Tip 2: Where to shop for Supplies?

  • Local Craft Store: These often carry a wide range of paper options, decorative materials and art supplies.
  • Online retailers: There’s a lot of e-commerce sites that specialize in selling crafting supplies. A benefit of shopping online are the customer reviews that can help you when deciding on a few different options for your baby shower invitations. We also have our own little crafts section!
  • Consider eco-friendly options: Recycled or plant-based paper that can grow wildflowers are also two great options. If these environmentally conscious options align with your personal preferences, go ahead and include the idea in your theme.

Design and Layout

When you gather all the supplies you’d like to try out, start off by lying them out on a piece of paper in different combinations and compositions. Find a way where selected elements work together harmoniously, and don’t worry about taking elements off or adding more. Have fun with it! If you already have kids, they can help you add more playful touches to your baby shower invitation. They’ll also feel special about being incorporated into the process of welcoming and celebrating their new baby sibling.

Another way you can make a more unique invitation is the shape of the invitation. Cutting the base invitation into fun shapes that fit the theme will make them more unconventional and memorable. Try out a onesie shape, bottle or a shape that relates to your theme.

A few elements every invitation should include are also:

  • A Title or Header: Some details to explain what the invitation is for. 
  • Gender: If you’re planning to reveal it in the invitation.
  • Time, Date and Location of the Shower
  • RSVP Details: How you’d like your guests to respond.
  • Registry information: (Optional): Consider including a note about where your guests can find gift ideas. Read about Newborn Clothing Essentials to help you out when building a registry.

If you’re making a digital baby shower invitation you can use graphics and images that resonate with your theme. Clip art, ultrasound images and family photos can add the personal touch you need. Choose images that blend with your overall design.

Personalize the Invitations

Once you’ve got the basic layout of your baby shower invitations ready, infuse them with some personal touches. Visually appealing invitations are obviously great, but making them deeply meaningful to you and your guests with personal touches will add a heartfelt feeling.

Personal touch ideas for your baby shower invitations:

  • Include handwritten messages: Adding a handwritten note on each invitation will add warmth and a touch of thoughtfulness.
  • Photos of the expecting parents: Ultrasound or a family photo helps guests visualize the growing family, and they can also keep the photo as a keepsake in their memory box.
  • Humor: Adding a witty or humorous line related to babies or parenting adds a playful and light-hearted feeling to the invitation.
  • A sentimental quote: You can also opt for a heartfelt quote about new beginnings, love or family.
  • A map to the venue or your place: If some of your guests are arriving from out of town, a map can be a helpful addition to help them find a location without a hassle.

Tip 3: Making and printing the invitations

If you are printing your baby shower invitations in bulk, do a trial run first. You might see that your home printer doesn’t offer you a finish you wanted, in that case we recommend looking into professional print shops. When your invitations look just like you want them to, you can invite your best friend, partner or kids to help you with finishing them off and putting them in envelopes.


And there you have it — personalized baby shower invitations ready to spread joy and excitement among your loved ones! Crafting these invites can be a journey of creativity and love, and I'm sure your guests will feel the warmth you’ve put into every detail.

We wish you a wonderful baby bash filled with love and laughter. Here’s to the upcoming adventure!