Boutique Toy Store

At Sammy + Nat we’re not just clothing! We have Boutique Toy Store selection that carries everything and more your little one will need to stay happy and entertained. Find toys, books, small and big gifts all in one place.

Browse through our collections sorted by themes, age or price point. Get inspired in our gifts section and find unique gifts to make someone’s special day. Happy shopping in our little toy store!

Soft Toys and Jellycats

Plush toys

Adorable plush buddies, perfect for snuggling up with and adding a little extra joy to your day. Here's S+N's world of soft toys and jellycats for endless cuddles.

Bikes and Push Toys

Kids on bikes

Bring out the big smiles with our cute collection of kids bikes and push toys. The little one's will be zooming around with joy in no time. Perfect for playtime adventures!

Books, Books, Books!

Two girls looking at a book

Spark your child's imagination with our amazing collection of kids' books! From enchanting storybooks to educational reads, our selection has something for every little reader.

Puzzles for All Ages

Kids playing with a puzzle

With puzzles, every piece is a new adventure awaiting to be discovered. With our fun selection, your little ones will develop important skills while enjoying hours of entertainment.

Coloring, Drawing + Painting

A kid coloring a coloring book

Get crafty, messy and creative all at the same time. Here you'll find exciting sets + kits they'll love digging into to unleash their inner artist. Happy creating!

Crafts + Sensory Kits

Sensory kits for kids

They will explore their inner creativity and engage their senses with our crafts and sensory kits. Here you will find a little something for everyone to enjoy and let their imagination run wild.

Wooden Toys

Wooden blocks for children

Welcome to our playful selection of wooden toys. Here you'll find endless opportunities for little ones to explore and create, all while keeping it eco-friendly.

Pretend Play

Pretend play toy

S+N to the rescue! World of pretend play, where the possibilities are endless and the fun never stops. From cooking in a play kitchen to saving the day as a superhero, your child's imagination will develop with their pretend play toys. S+N to the rescue!




How toys affect child development?

Toys can have a significant impact on child's development. Puzzles or building blocks challenge thinking skills, dolls and Jellycats can help children develop social skills and push toys encourage physical activity and develop motor skills.

How many toys are too much?

More toys don't necessarily mean better development. In fact, studies have shown that children tend to play more creatively and engage deeper with fewer toys. So no matter how many toys your child has, you should consider rotating and limiting the toys available at any given time to encourage open-ended play and imagination and helps to keep the toys you do have feel new and special.

When to buy toys for newborns?

When your baby is about 8 weeks old they will start to reach and grab. They'll be ready for rattles, texture books and chime toys. When looking for toys for your babies, keep in mind that colorful, textured and toys that make noise will keep them stimulated longer and help develop their motor skills. Toys for two months plus are always a good option as a baby gift, they will always grow into using these toys and often they last well into their toddler years.