ABC of Dinosaurs Book

ABC of Dinosaurs Book

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Explore the world of dinosaurs the alphabet way, from Allosaurus to Zephyrosaurus! Children are curious little sponges. Help them absorb the concept of the alphabet by finding ABCs in the prehistoric wild. The Giganotosaurus starts with a "G" and its brain was the size of a cucumber. The Kronosaurus starts with a "K" and swims in the ocean by flapping its fins back and forth.

For every letter of the alphabet, you'll learn a new type of dinosaur, how to sound it out with phonetic spellings, and a fun fact about it. Little dino enthusiasts will love this beautiful, embossed dinosaur book for kids!

Explore nature the dinosaur way! Fun ABC books for toddlers and kindergarteners help them learn and develop their vocabulary in a unique and fun experience while learning all about the prehistoric wild.
ABC learning is made easy with fun facts about dinosaur species for each letter of the alphabet.

  • Ages 1-5 years.