How to Choose a Baby Name: Tips for Expectant Parents

Choosing a baby name is an important decision you have to make as a parent. The name reflects his identity and personality, which will accompany him throughout his life (and yours). Perhaps you already have a few of your favorites, or made a list at one point. But, let's not forget, deciding on the right name also requires approval from your partner and taking into consideration what they like or perhaps family names they would like to include. To help you both choose a baby name, we offer useful information and tips to make the process easier and fun.

At the end of this blog, you will have simple steps to find the ideal baby name. These steps will help you, even if you feel indecisive.

Make a List of Names

Here's a simple yet effective way to choose a name for your baby. First, both you and your partner should make a list of names that you like, as well as a list of names that you wouldn't give your baby. Then, share your lists and cross out any names that you don't like, put a question mark next to names that seem okay, and circle the ones that you both like. 

Next, compare your lists and consider the names that you both circled. If you're both unsure about a name but didn't cross it out, consider it as a potential name for your baby. Finally, a common list is formed and it is time for the next steps in the selection of how to choose the baby's name.

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Avoid Trendy Names

It is advisable to avoid using trendy names for your child. Nowadays, trendy names often include random punctuation that serves no purpose (for example, D'Lilah), misspelled names (for example, Rybekkah) and pop culture references (for example, Katniss). 

Therefore, to choose a baby name, you should ask yourself whether it will still sound trendy in 10 years or whether it will become completely ridiculous. Consider whether your child will have to spell or explain their name to others every day and whether it could potentially lead to mockery in the future. Finally, we form a common list and now it's time to take the next steps in selecting how to choose the baby's name.

Check the Popular Names

Choosing a baby name is easier if you're up for popular names. For instance, Olivia is currently the most common name for girls, while Noah is the most popular name for boys. Choosing a popular name is a good option if you want a name that is well-known and easy to spell. 

On the other hand, selecting a popular name may mean that your child will have to share their name with several other children. If that would bother you, it's always a good idea to check the popularity of a name before making a final decision.

Find the Meaning of the Name

All baby names have an origin and a meaning, therefore this is another important part of the decision on how to choose a baby name. The meaning can turn you away from a name that you may have liked until now. 

You can consciously choose a name with meaning. This name can have different meanings, like strength, tenderness, authority, or personal significance. If you wish to honor the memory of a relative or important person who was once a cherished part of your life but is no longer with you, consider naming your baby after them.

Taking the time to research and understand the meaning of a name can help you choose a baby name that is not only beautiful but also meaningful to you.

Consider possible nicknames

Look at all the possible nicknames people could give your child and make sure you not only like them but feel good about how they fit with the name you choose. There are really cute nicknames, and there are nicknames that could later be mocking and not at all appealing to your child. We suggest asking your wackiest friends to come up with potential nicknames for your chosen name to see if there are any possible negative connotations.

Let the name grow with the child

How to choose a baby's name is an important decision, as it will stay with them throughout their life. While some names may seem cute for a baby, they may not be suitable for an adult. Unfortunately, certain names can make it difficult for people to take them seriously. Therefore, it is crucial to consider this aspect while choosing a baby's name, as it will shape their identity and reputation in the future.

Say the Name Out Loud

Over the next few days, say your chosen baby's name out loud several times. Then ask yourself, can it roll off the tongue? Does it sound good to you? If the answer is yes, then you have chosen a perfect baby name.

Compromise with Your Partner

Maybe already when writing the list it turned out that you have at least one name written down that you both like. Otherwise, you can also make other compromises, such as choosing a middle baby name that can act as a fallback name and that the child can use later in life if he doesn't like his first one. From the names on the list, you can also consider variations of a particular name that you both might like (eg Cate to Catelin, etc.). 

If you plan on having multiple children, you can also agree to take turns choosing the baby name for each child. There are a lot of options to put out the fire that may have arisen between the two of you in agreeing on how to choose a baby name.

Use Baby Name Generator

Using a baby name generator is another excellent option. With a bit of luck, you might just find the ideal name for your baby. A single click reveals options for a baby girl name, baby boy name, or a gender-neutral name. It's really that simple, so don't hesitate to give it a try!

Don't stress too much

How to choose a baby name can be a daunting task. It's normal to spend hours or even days in search of the right name. But when you find one that truly resonates, have confidence in your decision. The moment you hold your baby in your arms, you'll instinctively know if the name suits their personality.

Happy naming!